Best Latex Mattress Topper – Top 4 Reviews

By | October 16, 2014

Latex mattress toppers are known for being healthy, durable and made of natural materials (rubber derivatives). They are firm and give your body enough support while sleeping. They reduce risks of body aches as they reduces pressure on joints and relaxes muscles. If you are looking to buy a good mattress topper, than keep an eye out for durability. The best latex mattress topper would have a latex core that can last at least 20 years.

A fair share of ‘latex’ mattress toppers available in today’s markets are slim shadies that do not match up to the real feel of latex. Here we have the top Latex mattress toppers to help you pick the best value for money toppers.

Best Latex Mattress Topper – Top 4

1. OrganicTextiles – All Natural Latex Mattress Topper – QUEEN Size

Made of natural Talalay Latex, this mattress topper is two inch thick and made from eco-friendly cultivation of rubber trees. It has a 5.5lbcomfort density latex that is very resilient. Adequately ventilated to stop smells and dust accumulation. This is the best latex mattress topper that will remain dust mite resistant, and has anti-microbial, anti-fungal and hypo allergenic qualities. Durability and sensitivity are huge pluses for this mattress topper.



  • Fully Eco-friendly (made of natural rubber extracts)
  • No heat sensitivity
  • Best latex mattress topper for spinal support.
  • Retains shape even after longer use


  • The latex smell gets you a little uncomfortable, if you are not used to it.

2.  Ultimate Sleep – Queen –  Latex Foam Mattress Pad Topper – Medium Soft

Made of Dunlop latex (the best of latex materials) it is thick, but of medium softness and of queen size. Ideal for lighter body weights, it would give you the best night’s sleep. The Best Latex Mattress Topper if you have allergies to synthetic materials. It does not end up giving you a stiff neck or shoulders in the morning. Stays at 16-18 LBS and hence lasts much longer.


  • Made of Dunlop Latex (the best ever latex)
  • Does not trap heat during the day
  • Has a therapeutic effect on pains and aches
  • Resists bedbugs and dust mites


  • Settles into your body shape after some months of use

3. Invigo – Fresh Natural Latex King Mattress Topper

This mattress topper claims to be built on the Invigo fresh technology and has a huge 76”*80” size. The Best Latex Mattress Topper if you need a luxurious feel to your bedroom. It is self-ventilating and resists common odor problems that bug normal mattress toppers show. This topper is soft and supportive of your backbone and will leave you waking up fresh and happy every morning.



  • Resists almost all spills and stains
  • Gives that extra plush luxurious feel to your bed
  • Has no notable latex fume smell
  • Advised even if you are allergic or have joint issues


  • Difficult and cumbersome to repack it for shipping or shifting

4. Ultimate Sleep – ErgoSoft Natural Latex Foam Mattress Pad Topper – Queen

The Ergosoft mattress topper is the perfect fit for anyone who is looking for a high quality soft mattress that springs right back into shape after every use. It does not trap any heat and hence will stay cool during the day as well. Perfect companion for elderly and people with joint problems. The firm support it offers will keep everything in place during sleep. Free of harmful chemicals, it is also child friendly.


  • Perfect for heavier body weights
  • Resilient and breathable
  • Non-toxic and remains cool
  • No fumes and will perfectly blend with any mattress base


  • Larger than a queen mattress size, will need some adjustments to fit into a queen size cot/bed.


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