Best Bartender Bottle Opener – Top 5 Openers for Bartending

By | September 20, 2014

Ever wanted to own a quality bottle opener that is used by actual bartenders? Or maybe you are a bartender looking for a top class bottle opener that won’t let you down. Then you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve  listed a top 5 of the best bartender bottle openers. Whetter you are bartending or just want to use it at home, these things always come in handy!

Because a bottle opener probably isn’t the type product that you want to put a lot of research in before you buy it, we did all the research for you! Check out our top 5, you can buy these openers directly from amazon by clicking on the links.

Best Bartender Bottle Opener: The Top 5

1. Excellante Flat Bottle Opener

A stainless steel bartender bottle opener that’s very durable and is easy to maintain for all type of users. This model is very compact and easy to use for bars, restaurants and even at home. Also, it feels comfortable in your hands and it can fit into a drawer or pocket easily. This model is one of the best bartender bottle openers available.

Excellante opener - the best bartender bottle opener in the market


  • Long enough which gives enough leverage for opening bottles.
  • Has a firm grip on the bottle’s neck.
  • Easy to hang and carry


  • Too huge logo on the back of the bottle opener

2. Stainless Steel V-RODTM Bone Bottle Opener and Pour Spout Remover

This bottle opener has  a unique custom artwork and is shiny, giving a premium feel to it. Also, it is dishwasher safe, durable and the finishing is so smooth that there would not be any scratches on the body nor would the paint fade over time. Ideal for professional bartenders, so it lists second in this top 5.


  • Permanent finish that does not go off.
  • Customisable as per the need.
  • Money back guarantee.


  • Expensive if you are planning to customize it to a great extent.

3. Update International BO-7F Flat Bottle Opener

With it’s 7 inch length and the and it’s shiny stainless steel look, the BO7F is a very though looking bartender bottle opener. There are two sides to this opener, which would allow one to open any type of bottle in the world with much ease, saving valuable time while bartending.


  • Easily opens all bottles available.
  • A single piece of metal used for the manufacture, strong design.
  • Saves time and is durable.


  • A few complaints about the edges being unfinished or unpolished.


4. Neon Pink Speed Opener

Also known as Mamba or a Popper, hooks easily with the bottle cap and opens it in the conventional method. It’s considered by many to be one of the best bartending tools available. Has a flashy pink color and would look excellent and eye-catching while being used by the bartender. Also, the powder coating makes the colors stay permanently.


  • Multiple color choices available.
  • Bake on or powder coated finish.
  • Very affordable pricing.


  • The pain chips off after prolonged usage.

5. The Original BOTTLEFLY KNIFE Butterfly Knife Bottle Opener

This is more of a nice gadget to have, it’s a bottle opener that flips open like a butterfly knife! Made of chrome and adds that feel of coolness to the bottle opener. Perfect product to flaunt among your peers. A fun bottle opener to use!


  • Flips open like a butterfly knife.
  • Made of high quality chrome.
  • Catchy and impressive to use.


  • Screws of the handle might get loose.

So far our top 5 bottle openers for bartenders.

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