15 Funny Doormats and Welcome Mats

By | August 28, 2014

If there’s one thing that your home really needs, it’s a nice doormat. Doormats give your visitors the opportunity to wipe their feet, so you can keep your house clean. They also make visitors feel welcome.

But why should you go for a standard, boring doormat? Get a funny doormat (or welcome mat) instead! These hilarious doormat designs will welcome your visitors while also giving them a great laugh. Check out this top 15 of cool and  funny doormats! See one that you like? You can order them directly from amazon.

Top 15 Funny Doormats

Do You Live Here Doormat
Check the box!

You are Family Indoor/Outdoor Doormat
You will be treated like family… but are sure you want that treatment?

Open Door Policy Beer Doormat
Always welcome… as long as you bring beer

Yell Ding Dong Doormat
How many of your friends would actually do this? Bet it’s a lot. 

Go Away Doormat
Not exactly a ‘welcome mat’

Come Back Indoor/Outdoor Doormat
If you’re dealing with the police a lot… 

Hi I’m Mat
Hi Mat, nice to meet you. 

Welcome Just Don’t Expect Much Doormat
A very honest doormat

Moustache International Doormat
This is a more general welcome mat, displaying the word ‘welcome’ in 20 languages. And it’s got a mustache.

Please Stay On The Mat Indoor/Outdoor Doormat
Please hold… Maybe play some nice waiting music as well?

Entryways Non Slip Coir Doormat
This doormat is peeking under the skirts of your female visitors

Take Your Top Off Indoor/Outdoor Doormat
It’s a long shot, but you just never know.

Not a Joke-The Dog Indoor/Outdoor Doormat
The Dog is keeping hostages

The Cat Day 751 Funny Doormat
Diary of a captured cat

Door Mat, The Moustache

This doormat has the shape of a mustache! Perfect for mustache fans and movember participants. Does it get more awesome? I don’t think so.


That’s it for our selection of the best funny doormats and welcome mats. Need more cool stuff for your home? Be sure to check out the rest of our website. Browsed through this entire page and still convinced that you want a boring, regular, cheap doormat? Then checkout the doormat collection at Ikea, where you can get one for $0,99! You cheapskate.